Adrian Dalton

Modified Production Cars    B 26


Car:                                                                 VW Golf 1

Team Name & Sponsor:

 adrian 3

Car prepared by:                                           8V Performance

Marital status:                                               Single

Children, Name and ages:                           Luke & Shane

Home town:                                                   Glenvista

Started racing:                                              2008

Clubman’s Association, since:                    2008

Favourite track:                                             Kyalami

Why Motorsport:                                           Couldn’t run fast.   Off road bikes

What type of racing do you follow?            F1, V8 Supercars

Favourite F1 team?                                      McLaren

Favourite Int. racing driver?                       “Myself”

Favourite SA racing driver?                         Willie Hepburn

Favourite Int. race track?                             Midvaal                    

Favourite food?                                             Sushi

Favourite drink?                                            Captain and a little bit of coke       

Your 1st car (or bike) & at what age?          PE 175 Suzuki.  10 years

Your 1st racing vehicle?                              VW Challenge Golf

Current road car?                                          V8 M3

Dream car a Everyday:                                  VW Golf Chico Sport

                   b Sport:                                        VW Golf, Turbo sport

Favourite sport (NOT RACING):                 Golf and Ballet

Best race and why?                                      Every close race with me leading

What would you say about yourself and your racing?

                                                                         2nd is like kissing your sister………

Contact details Cell:                                     082 413 0506


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