Paul van Niekerk


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Car:                                                                 VW polo / VW Golf 1

Team name:                                                   Turbo Trix/My Maat

Sponsors:                                                       Turbo Trix

Car prepared by:                                           Turbo Trix

Marital status:                                                Married

Children, Name and ages:                            Jade (6 Years) Kyle (4 Years)

Home town:                                                    Benoni

Started racing:                                               Drag Racing 

Clubman’s Association, since:                     2013

Favourite track:                                             Kyalami

Why motorsport?                                           Because I love the competition – Drag racing               

What type of racing do you follow?            F1

Favourite F1 team?                                      McLaren Mercedes

Favourite Int. racing driver?                       Lewis Hamilton 

Favourite SA racing driver?                        Willie Hepburn

Favourite Int. race track?                            Monaco                     

Favourite food?                                            Rump Steak 500gr (with pink sauce)

Favourite drink?                                           Coke Cola      

Your 1st car (or bike) & at what age?        1100 Golf  @ 14 years

Your 1st racing vehicle (car, bike art)?     50cc Motorbike  @15 years

Current road car?                                          VW Amarok

Dream car a Everyday:                                  Porsche 9110 Turbo

                   b Sport:                                        Aerial Atom

Favourite sport:                                            Shooting

Best race and why?                                      Extreme Festival Zwartkops followed for 6 laps and passed one lap before flag.

What would you say about yourself and your racing, before I say it for you?

 Contact details Cell:                                   083 390 3072


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