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Car:                                                                   JAGUAR V8

Team name:                                                     AJC Motorsport

Sponsors:                                                        AJC,   Cubonco 194,    H.O.C. Eng,                                                                                       & Fiber Finatix

Car prepared by:                                            Myself and Amos Snr

Marital status:                                                Single and can be

Children, Name and ages:                            None yet?

Home town:                                                    Vereeniging

Started racing:                                               2005

Clubman’s Association, since:                     2009

Favourite track:                                              Kyalami

Why Motorsport?                                           My dad is a big racer since 1981 and I’m just loving it with him and I guess “It’s in the Blood”

 What type of racing do you follow?             F1 & Oval

Favourite F1 team?                                        Ferrari

Favourite Int. racing driver?                         Fernando Alonso

Favourite SA racing driver?                         Gary Formato

Favourite Int. race track?                             Silverstone

Favourite food?                                             Braai

Favourite drink?                                            Monster

Your 1st car (or bike) & at what age?         (15) 1.4 Velocity Golf

Your 1st racing vehicle car?                        1275 mini Cooper

Current road car?                                           Polo Tdi 1.9

Dream car a Everyday:                                   Nissan GTR

                   b Sport:                                         Ferrari

Favourite sport:                                             Rugby

Best race and why?                                       Midvaal in 2010.  Me and Uncle Ben when rubbing bumper for half the race and I still beat him to the finish.

What would you say about yourself and your racing?   I am a very competitive driver that will race till the end because no one wants to loose.

Contact details Cell:                                      083 287 2615


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