Chairman’s Report

Chairmans Chat      February 2022

Good Morning Everybody,

Firstly, my appreciation and thanks to everyone for their support and contribution to the AGM.

I welcome, in no particular order, Dirk Lawrence as Vice Chairman, lets read that as Chairman as he will be directing most of the day to day needs of the Club. Rodney Kruis who will be trying to lever the last rand out of anyone he can in order to support the Club, which actually means supporting you. Mariaan will be the link we all need as she continues to keep track of all the Clubs finances and records. Mariaan will also keep you all informed. Ralph Kernes, also a very long time Member will not only be the Scrutineer/ Technical contact but also that of Driver Representitive should anyone need to “offload”.

I am confident that all the Members will support the Committee as we endeavour to re-establish Clubmans.

We start the season as a “Time” based Championship, however it is now a well proven “Bracket” based formula where everyone knows what Class they are in at all times. Don’t get me wrong, there is a possibility of changing Class with the Break Out rule, but with the combination of Pole Position and Fastest Laps Bonus points this should really be an “Exception”

We all want to see the re-introduction of MPC and Super Saloons, and it is sure to come, but in this instance, we must walk first and run later.

Lets aim for 14 Entries at the March Event and have a damn good time.

My suggestion is that we should have a “social” get together in March (14th?) really to discuss the “Lap Time Brackets” and “Breakout” etc in detail, and build Club Culture….

Till Then,